Get a better night's rest with the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD

Deep Delta Sleep™ CD 

We have helped our students to achieve a good nights rest with our proprietary Deep Delta Sleep™ CD and it can help you too!

After working with hundreds of students over 14 years, we noticed that one area where traders needed help was improving their stamina.  When your stamina is low, it is generally not a good day to trade, or you're only able to trade for a few hours.  Factors that contribute to a low stamina include not getting a good nights sleep, not exercising regularly, stress, and not eating well.  So, we developed this CD to help traders in the one area where we could help - their sleep, and thus improve their stamina while trading.  Although it was created for our students, the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD has become popular with non-traders as well. 

What is on the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD? It's a high quality live recording of Oregon coast surf modulated using both Amplitude Modulation and Low Pass Filter Modulation. This makes the surf sound a little weird, but just listen to the waves without focusing on the modulations. Most people love the sound of the CD. It doesn't use beat frequencies created by a frequency difference between your ears, so you don't need headphones. We wanted a CD you could play over either speakers or headphones...your choice.

Developed using brain wave entrainment technology, the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD helps you to get to the deepest level of sleep, feeling refreshed in the morning.  There are no subliminal messages, no neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and no hypnosis.  This is simply brain wave entrainment technology designed to tune your brain waves down to the delta state, which is deep dreamless sleep.  Warning: Don't play this CD while driving or operating machinery.

"The Deep Delta Sleep™ CD helps me fall asleep, even when there are distractions nearby. It also helps to purge my mind so I sleep better. Thanks!" - J.C., Lilburn, GA

"I just wanted to let you know that I love this CD!  I am so active with my 2 kids, husband, home, career, church, hosting parties, social life, and serving as President of my HOA, that when I finally lay down to sleep, my mind won't shut off.  I keep getting out of bed to take care of one more thing, make a note for tomorrow, etc.  I have tried homeopathic mouth sprays, herbal teas, hypnosis CDs, etc. over the years, and still ended up falling asleep at 2 AM.  The first night I played the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD, I fell asleep in 5 MINUTES!  That was amazing!  You can imagine my awe when I noticed I was drowsy soon into playing it; I even had difficulty keeping my eyes open to see the counter!  I use it every time I need it, and it works every time; but I'm careful to make sure I start it before my husband goes to sleep.  If he's asleep already, the beginning makes him stir a little, as you told me it would!  I see why you don't want to put it on repeat.  P.S.  I'm also going to try it on my kids when they resist going to bed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!" - A.F., White, GA

Note: If you're a student of DayTradingCourse, this CD is included in your training materials.

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